Welcome to our little piece of the Internet.  These pages are primarily to get you
interested in serious gardening.  I'm going to show you the basics of growing your
own landscape plants.  Some might say that we are cutting our own business by
teaching propagation techniques.  I honestly believe that gardeners that have a
good knowledge about plants make better customers.  We hope you enjoy these
First let me tell you that I'm not selling any of my own products for propagating cuttings on this site.  There is a links
page you can go to that has a list of suppliers that I use.  Buy their products.  For me it's just not worth the hassle of
keeping a bunch of  inventory like pots,  tools and chemicals.  I like growing plants, not selling product.  There is a
lot of good information on the Internet that teaches you how to root your own cuttings and create beautiful
landscape plants.   I've just added my two cents worth.  What I have also discovered is that some of the information I
have read from the Internet as well as in numerous gardening books and magazines does not always work for me.  
What I have learned is that experimenting with different plants, types of rooting media, strength of hormone,
temperature, bottom heat and the like is an art.  But I have also learned that experimentation costs next to nothing
and you just might hit on a method that is fool proof......at least for you.  Hope you enjoy this site.  You can also
e-mail comments to me at the link below.
Good rooting techniques result in strong healthy plants.
Whether you want to produce plants for sale or just enough for your own landscape, I hope this
site will give you a little information you can use.  Above left are plants that I've grown from
cuttings using the information on this site.  They are now ready for the landscape.  On the right
are seedlings started from seed in a cold frame and now potted up.  These tiny white birch trees  
were all started from a very small package of seeds purchased from the Internet.
Continue navigating through this site to learn more.  With a little patience, good plant stock,
rooting hormone, some type of propagation or mist house and a little dirt and fertilizer you can
produce your own plants.  It's just not as hard as it sounds.
Be careful when you propagate plants and make sure you respect the patent rights and trademark
rights of others.  If a plant is patented  or trademarked you cannot legally asexually propagate them.
The nursery tags or labels SHOULD have patent or trademark information.  Patents now last  for 20
years.  There is a host of beautiful plants you can legally propagate and grow legally. Obey the
patent laws and the hard work of others.   That will keep you out of trouble down the road.  And yes,
there are "plant police."  Ask you local nursery if they ever get a visit from them and see what they
tell you.
Updated 12-25-12
Use of information on this site is for personal and educational purposes only.  Information contained on these
pages is what I have done.  Your results may vary depending upon your climate, materials used and individual
techniques.  I cannot be held liable for your use, interpretation or misinterpretation of the information on this
site or for losses that may or may not occur based on the information in this website.  Information on this website
may not be reproduced without permission.
Stover's Nursery
Prunedale, California
We recently moved back to California from Oregon.
 Some of the photos are from California and some
are from Oregon.  These pictures will change as
they are updated to our new location.
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